Regenerative therapies

At Equihealth, our priority is the health and well-being of your horse. For this reason, we offer cutting-edge regenerative therapies to treat various pathologies and injuries.

One of the regenerative therapies that we use is IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein). This technique consists of extracting blood from the horse itself, processing it to obtain anti-inflammatory proteins and reinjecting it into the injury site. In this way, tissue regeneration is stimulated and inflammation and pain are reduced.

Another of the therapies that we offer is the administration of mesenchymal cells, which are obtained from the bone marrow or adipose tissue of the horse itself. These cells have the ability to differentiate into different types of cells, such as cartilage or bone, making them a very valuable resource for injury repair.

In addition, we use growth factors to promote the regeneration of damaged tissues. These proteins are extracted from the horse’s own blood and injected into the site of injury, where they stimulate cell repair and new tissue formation.

All these therapies are carried out in an ultrasound-guided manner, which guarantees greater precision in administration and minimizes the risk of complications. Likewise, therapies can be applied both intralesionally and intra-articularly, depending on the pathology and the needs of each patient.

At Equihealth, we have a team of veterinarians specialized in equine medicine and surgery, with extensive experience in the application of regenerative therapies and other advanced techniques for the treatment of injuries in horses. Trust us to take care of your horse’s health.


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